Daily Archives: September 6, 2008

Quotes from the first day…

1. “Mama, you know what the scary thing is about kindergarten? Every day my teacher picks a helper, and you have to take the folder to the office all by yourself!”

2. “We had gym.”

3. “We don’t have gym until Monday.”

4. “We sat in a circle and did nothing the whole day.”

5. “My teacher let me walk all over the school by myself and I found all my friends rooms.”

6. “We were really safe because our teacher stayed with us the whole time, even in the gym.”

7. “A burglar came into the room but I chased him out.”

8. “We didn’t sing any songs or play any games.”

9. “We played Run For Your Supper.”

10. “Our teacher taught us this song.”

I’m guessing 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8 would be marked False. How I’m ever going to figure out what he really does there is beyond me. I”ll get the hang of decoding, I guess. Either way, kindergarten is cool, Little Man is happy and mighty relieved to have that first day done with.

First week of kindergarten: CHECK. Now we can officially have this baby!



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