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My Brain is Full

Apparently I can only remember important things at two in the morning. Things like making dentist appointments, setting up schools tours for kindergarten, renewing library books, ordering special Christmas presents and thanking people for wonderful gifts are tasks that slip from my mind as soon as I get going in the morning. They stay gone until some small person kicks me in their sleep and I wake up and proceed to lay in bed worrying about all the things I keep forgetting to do.

So here I am, finally remembering and embarrassed at how late I am with this post!

I was lucky enough to win a contest this fall over at Tales from a Self Taught Knitter. Alisha sent me some absolutely wonderful stitch markers. I put them up high because Little Man had his eye on them and was ready to claim them as his, and then I kept forgetting to take the picture since they were out of eyesight. I even spaced out when I first won and messed up my e-mail with my address…you know, when you type up an e-mail and then hit something other than “send?” Yeah, my brain is really that full. Or maybe it’s really just because I never get to finish anything up because I’m interrupted with someone eating crayons or chasing the cat or…..well, you know.

Anyway, I now get to show off these adorable little creatures, destined for my next project. I love the kitties and I love how smooth the rings are. No catching here! Alisha, these are so awesome and I am totally hanging my head for taking two weeks to post this. Thank you so very much, you are an absolute sweetheart!!

Now off to bed I go. What will I remember at 2am tonight?



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