A Word of Caution

If you ever feel that your 4 year old has been watching too much TV, and you decide to do something about it, whatever you do, don’t hide the antenna in your yarn stash. The results won’t be pretty and will put you two nights behind on your gift making schedule.

I’m sparing you pictures because the results were too grisly. While no yarn was permanently injured, major yarn abuse did take place.

And before you think I’m totally crazy, I did close the door to the room before I hid the antenna. It just never dawned on me that he knew he can peek through the keyhole to see where I hid it.

Not much of an update rigth now as everything I’m making is a gift; I’m going to have to wait until after Christmas to show off everything. But, I do have my mom’s tam blocking so I can show that off once it’s dry. Pictures soon!



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14 responses to “A Word of Caution

  1. Yikes! *goes off to have nightmares about cat kids peeking through keyholes*

  2. He is a clever little bean isn’t he? I used to be able to unplug the TV – or use a baby-proofer to close the cabinet. Course – we also had a room dedicated to the legos – they’d just go bury themselves in the buckets.

  3. We’ve taken to hiding the mouse. Of course, a 14 yr. old just gets the 4 yr. old to help them search!

  4. missscarlett

    Now that’s a boy who loves TV!

  5. What a smart little man!

  6. Darn. I don’t even like thinking about it. Good luck cleaning up the resulting yarn abuse.

  7. Ack! They are just too darn smart for their own good! Or maybe just too smart for us ;o)

  8. Kids are smart. Scary smart. I’m always torn between being annoyed and impressed…

  9. You’ve got to give him credit for ingenuity!

  10. I can imagine the carnage! What a smart little guy.

  11. Dang!! At least no yarn was permanently injured!

  12. Oh I feel your pain! I sometimes drop the remote down the back of the sofa on purpose …

  13. Super scary visions in my brain. I vow to NEVER hide ANYTHING in yarn. I know what Z is capable of!

  14. Ah, too funny. I’m about to go night-night now, but first I gotta get those images of yarn-abuse out of my head!

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