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Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

My beautiful, sweet little boy turned four yesterday….four!!! I can barely believe this. This little person, who four years ago was just this tiny little baby in our arms has grown into a sweet, spirited, amazing little boy who delights in everything he sees and does. We are so blessed to have him as our son; everyday he says or does something that completely fills us with joy.

Of course, there was cake:


It’s supposed to be a monkey. A cake decorator I’m not, but it tasted really good. No cake from a box here folks. We’re talking from scratch with buttercream frosting. Little Man was quite thrilled despite the goofy monkey.

There were gifts:
Sir Little Man

Little Man received a full-fledged knight’s costume. The helment and shield were purchased at Peapods. The tunic and soft sword were made by the Skeptic and myself:
Knight’s costume
I wish I had thought to put together a tutorial on this, especially for the sword. We decided to make a soft sword as he is not quite ready for a wooden one. The Skeptic took some hard foam and cut it, glued it, and reinforced the handle with a bit of wood. I sewed four pieces of fabric to slide over the blade and handle. We sewed it all together in the middle of the handle with a patch, then tied twine over the patched area. It turned out great and no one can get hurt if he gets a bit too wild with it! The tunic just goes over his head and ties around the back. I copied the applique from a cape that he has.
The whole birthday was wonderful, with friends and family helping us celebrate. Happy birthday, my dear little boy!!

Today we celebrated Easter. There were beautiful flowers courtesy of my brother and his girlfriend:


The Easter bunny hid eggs in all sorts of places:

Hidden Egg

Knittybaby was too sleepy to help (he’d been working hard all weekend trying to walk back and forth between relatives), but Little Man managed to find all twelve with the help of his uncle:


My brother’s girlfriend gave me the lovliest birthday present. She made them herself, aren’t they gorgeous? I just love them:


And my Grandmother had her first spinning lesson:

Spinning lesson

It was an absolutely perfect weekend.

This makes three birthdays down, one to go! You’ve still got one week to get your contest entry in!



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