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This is making it hard to stay motivated: Rain a…

This is making it hard to stay motivated:

Rain and mud in Minnesota three days before Christmas is just wrong. I’ve got gingerbread men and fudge to make, laundry to do and a house to clean. Plus gifts to wrap after the boys are asleep tonight. A little snow would give a girl some motivation, you know?

Now I have a stir-crazy three year old and teething baby. (He’s nine months today, by the way. Can you believe that?) The only thing worse than all of us being cooped up today would be dragging the boys around in this muck. I’ve succumbed to the TV monster and given up on the usual “one hour a day rule.”

It’s supossed to freeze. Does it look frozen yet?

As much as I wanted a nice dinner for Solstice tonight, reality has hit and we will be having Pizza Luce instead. I’ll tip extra for making them deliver in this crap.

I’ll be blocking this in a minute:

It’s actually comissioned knitting for the Skeptic’s friend at work. It’s for his girlfriend for Christmas. How sweet is he to think of hand knits for a gift! He even met me for yarn shopping to pick out the colors; they match her shoes. I’m so impressed with his planning ahead and attentiveness.

The yarn is Brown Sheep Bulky, doubled on the scarf along with Crystal Palace Kid Merino. I decided to do a dropped stitch pattern on the scarf and made a simple hat with a few purl rows for detail. Size 17/10.5 needles. I just hope she likes it. I’m a little nervous since I don’t know her, but Nate did a pretty good job telling me what she’d like.

In the time it took me to write this post, the rain turned to snow. I feel better now.



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