Daily Archives: December 13, 2006

Little Man’s sweater, continued….

The boy’s Christmas sweaters still are not blocked. I was just about to do it this afternoon when I decided to give it a second try with Little Man. Here’s how it went:

KM: Can you try your sweater on one more time for Mommy?

LM:(screaming and running away) NO NO NO NO NO!

KM: Can you just tell me what’s wrong with it?

LM: It’s too furry!

KM: What’s that supposed to mean? It’s not furry.

LM: It’s too soft!

KM: What’s wrong with soft?

LM: Let’s just throw it in the garbage….(said very sweetly, as if this was a reasonable statement, as he stuffed it in the bedroom garbage basket)

At this point he was distracted enough by his broken turtle lamp that I managed to get it on him. He noticed about a minute later, took it off and informed me it was yucky. He’s also grown about two feet in the last month and now it’s too short on him anyway.

Knittybaby tried his on and happily babbled away as if it were the best sweater ever.



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