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This is either really ugly or really cool…

When I met the Skeptic way back in college, he had long hair. And I men really long, curly, down to the waist kind of long. Gorgeous, gorgeous hair. As the years went on he cut it shorter, and shorter and one day it was gone. He had a regular guy haircut which has pretty much stuck around the last decade or so.

However, he seems to have developed some sort of haircut phobia lately and has been letting it get longer in between trims. Longer in a sort of “I’m planning on auditioning for the next Jane Austen movie” sort of way. And I like it. A LOT. He knows this, so despite the fact that he keeps complaining it’s in his face he’s been keeping it long, partly for me and partly for his salonaphobia*.

He’s dealt with the hair-in-the-face thing by wearing his cowl up around his head like a headband when he’s in the house. This does this trick, but then it gets too stretched out and bunches up at the back of his head. So I though of the perfect Valentines’ Day gift for him. A guy Calorimetry! Something to keep those nice curls out of his eyes so he doesn’t give in and go get a haircut.

Here’s the result:

(I like how it’s smiling)

with flash:


The choice is, and you may be quite honest here….
A) It’s a really nice Calorimetry.
B) It looks like it had the potential to be a nice Calorimetry, but it looks like I ran out of Noro #1, found some more Noro scraps in the closet, ran out of that, and finished it off with a a few rows of tweed.

He’s getting it no matter what, as he wears everything I knit for him whether he likes it or not. He will either love it, or he’ll say, “Hmmm, that’s an interesting mix of colors there, Bec.” And then he’ll wear it all day long because he knows I worked hard on it. He’s very sweet that way. So I can give him ugly knitting if need be. Or maybe it’s not ugly. I can’t decide.

Well, ugly knitting or not, I hope you all had a happy Valentine’s Day today! We’re celebrating tomorrow as the poor Skeptic is currently suffering through some miserable gig at a VFW right now. And I’m off to watch Dr. Who and knit my Ubernatural now that my Valentine’s prep for tomorrow is done.

*A combination of a hatred for making appointments, being too cheap to pay for it, and a string of bad trims.



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