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Monthly Apparel….um, February?

Well, I seem to have recovered from the few tough weeks we’ve had around this place. What a long winter! Sometimes I just need a new book to recenter me. I’ve been reading Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys, and if you have boys I can’t recommend it enough. Most boys books I’ve read talk a lot about general philosophy and why boys are the way they are. This one is organized developmentally and talks about what they need the most at each stage. Awesome, awesome book….

And I did finish my Monthly Apparel t-shirt! I’ve kept waiting for the right light and a time when I’m actually wearing it and there is someone present who can focus a camera. But that doesn’t seem to be happening so I give you……

“THE BAD-LIGHTING-T-SHIRT-ON-THE-FLOOR”¬†picture (Didn’t even bother to try and edit this one…)


This is the Sew-U Knits basic t-shirt from the Built by Wendy Series. I love her books, but this was the first actual pattern I’ve ever used from her. I made a muslin of sorts out of one of the Skeptic’s old shirts, and found it too loose in the chest and too tight in the hips. I adjusted the pattern and got a perfect fit! Now that I have a basic pattern I’d like to do more.


My March project is a matching knit skirt with applique circles. I’m hoping to finish it up in the next week or so. We had some major room rearranging (more on that later, let’s just say it involved packing up my sewing/spinning/yarn room). But I think I’m settled in now, finally.

Last but not least, guess who is now SIX???

If you’ve been around that long, remember this little baby boy?

Yup, Knittykid is officially into boyhood now. Sob… sigh…. baby number two is growing up. Love his joyous, happy, and generous spirit. I am such a lucky mama!

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Monthly Apparel January Check-In

Well my fellow Monthly Apparel friends, how’s your January project coming? Finished? Close to finished? Starting up in February?

Well, you can see how I’m faring. My plan to sew a bit each night went well, but I had a few hang-ups. The first was typical, I caught a cold which knocked me out of sewing mode for about three days. The second was tougher. I tried the top on and of course, had problems with fit.


I thought I was being clever and sneaky with this wrap dress. My though was that if I took really good measurements and bought some cheap linen/poly on sale at JoAnn’s I could skip a muslin and just make the dress. Lessons learned. Just like a swatch is a necessary pain in knitting, a muslin is a necessary pain in sewing.

It’s hard to tell in the picture, but I’ve got at least two extra inches of fabric on each side, even though I have the bodice wrapped and tied as tight as I can. The shoulders are also too loose and will certainly slide down. I took it off and pinned it, and I think if I sew some new seams in a few areas the dress will be okay.

But that leaves the question of, just how much do I need to rip out to do this? Do I need to partially rip out the facings too? I have a busy next couple of nights, but I should have it fixed by this weekend.

I’m looking forward to seeing some finished projects! There are already some great ones over at the Monthly Apparel Flickr site. If you haven’t joined yet, come on over! We’ve got a nice group started up already.


**Sorry for the missing photo!! I’m not sure why it disappeared and I already deleted it from my camera. Guess you’ll have to wait until this weekend now for the finished dress. Or maybe my photo will return?? Strange…..


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