2012 – Monthly Apparel

So, did you come up with a goal for 2012? I did, and I’m hoping some of you might want to join me. I’m calling it Monthly Apparel, and my plan is to sew one item of clothing for myself each month. I’ll pick a pattern at the beginning of the month and share how it turned out at the end. It’s that simple!

I’d call myself an advanced beginner when it comes to sewing garments. I can whip up a pair of pajama pants or a knit skirt in no time. I have installed exactly one zipper. I’ve made a few t-shirts. But that’s about it. My personal goal this year to go beyond the basics and sew something new. Blouses, dresses and skirts are all on my list, along with the ever so scary real pair of pants. I’ll be sharing my favorite resources and what I like to call my” textbooks” for this experiment. I’ll report it all back to you. And hopefully, by 2013 I’ll at least be able to call my self an intermediate and have a nice closet full of clothes as well.

Now, maybe you can already put a zipper in a skirt while you sleep. Or maybe you’ve never sewn before and even a pair of kid’s pajama pants sounds daunting. Whatever your level, I’m hoping you’d also like to have a dozen new items in your closet this year.  No need to be fancy or complicated, just a desire to learn to sew your own clothing.

(Editing to add: The very clever Mrs. Pao had an awesome idea…no need to stick to sewing! If you’re a knitter who does not sew, why not knit a garment a month? Just because I’m focused on sewing doesn’t mean you must!)

Please feel free to join me on this endeavor. Grab a button if you’d like. Share your ideas and projects. You can comment here, or join me over in the Monthly Apparel Flickr group.  I look forward to seeing what you will make! And this is seriously no pressure. If you miss a month, then you miss a month. No big deal. Those of you who have been reading me for years are already laughing at the idea of me actually managing to get an item finished each month. But I’m going to try!


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15 responses to “2012 – Monthly Apparel

  1. LOVE this idea! I am very much a novice sewer (I’ve made two very simple skirts for my daughter and some drawstring bags—with wobbly stitching!—for birthday party favors), but I have great hopes to do more this year. For Christmas my husband gave me the new Burda Style book, and I am really excited about trying to make a shirt for myself. Woooooo!

    I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep to the project-a-month schedule, but I will definitely try! 🙂

  2. I love that idea! Perhaps I’ll go for a knitted garment a month!

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  4. What a fun idea – nothing like a challenge to get me moving. Sign me up! But probably, some of the items will be knitted as well as sewn.

  5. Ramona Kuhn

    Sign me up too. I can’t wait to get started. I hadn’t even been in my sewing room for about 8 months and REALLY missed a huge part of myself.

  6. Sign me up! I’m from Ravelry (brkndoll18). I’m a newbie but looking to expand my knowledge.

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  9. I’ve been talking with my daughter all year about making our own clothes – I even had a sewing day with my mom (need to make that a regular thing)… I plan to knit and sew!!

  10. I’ll definitely join you. I only started sewing last year and so far have just made clothes for my children. I am definitely keen to start making clothes for me too and learn some new techniques. I just ordered the Burda Style tonight. Can’t wait to get started.

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  12. Hi, I came via Whip up. Sign me up too…. a great idea to improve my sewing techiques and destash a little! I hope is not too late to join you….

  13. Amy

    Great idea! I want to join the fun!

  14. this is a great idea! I think I am in… altho, I need to be quick to finish something before the the end of january. btw, AMY… get the Readers Digest Sewing Book… it is the bible of sewing and has several projects for the beginner. You will love it!


  15. It’s February, but I’m going to join in too. I remember seeing this challenge at whipup and thought it was a great idea. My first project is the “Tessuti’s fave top”:
    A free downloadable pattern is available above. I printed it out and even have the fabric. Two pieces to sew together, that’s it, so I should be able to get this one done and a photo posted soon. (jkwk on flickr)

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