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Right now.

  • I am on day 7 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox.  Has anyone here any done something of the sort? My chronic sinus troubles, constant pain in my shoulders, arms and wrists, and just general fatigue prompted me to try it out. Maybe it’s because I was already sick when I started it, or maybe because we are also pretty much paleo at home, but it has been surprisingly less awful than I thought. But I do really miss fruit….and my bedtime chocolate. 
  • Planning for the birthday season. Knittykid is first up and he has requested a jungle party. And he has big plans.  Math Boy is easy, he has never been a theme kind of kid, he was happy with pizza and cake and a few friends. But Knittykid…he has ideas, and he loves Pinterest. Should be big!
  • Contemplating plans for these lovlies:ImageAny guesses? Wont be a quilt, and I actually have a couple projects in mind. I purchased them from Annik at Mini Mushrooms. I love those Lecien blue dots! I want an sun dress made from them…wouldn’t that be gorgeous?
  • Looking forward to a weekend of quilting coming soon.
  • Enjoying photos from the eyes of a four year oldImageImageImageImageImageImageSo random….and all I con wonder is how he chose his subject matter. I love the inside of our piano and the red rug. And that big brown eye, of course! Don’t you wonder what he is thinking? I need to turn the camera over to the boys more often.

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