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Stop. Breathe. Think.

There have been a few situations lately that have made us realize things have gotten a bit too busy. 

1) I had a concert. A crazy, busy concert that I had put months and months of some very tough, stressful hours into putting together. (The fourth of an insane spring concert schedule). This also included conning The Skeptic into borrowing staging from the audio company he works for to loan to my school, something that should have been simple but became really complicated. After I had put on this concert and the staging was hauled out, we sat in the back yard, recuperating. It was agreed that when The Skeptic returned his truck, he would pick up some Thai food for dinner. 

He left for the shop. And called me an hour later.  “I’m leaving, you want to call in the order?”

20 minutes later, a phone call: “What did you order? They don’t have it.”

45 minutes later, he returns with food: “Yay, Daddy, Thai food!!!!!”

              The Skeptic: “Yeah, too bad we didn’t get the good stuff.”

              Me: “What do you mean? They make the best.”

              The Skeptic: No they don’t. It’s never as good at True Thai.

              Me: “But you went to True Thai. That’s who I called.”

              The Skeptic: “No. I went to Tum Rup.”

              Me: “So we have another $60 in Thai food sitting at True Thai. Crap.”

Luckily, the True Thai guys were so nice they said don’t worry, we did not need to go pick up the other order. But yeah, we never even bothered to discuss what food and where. No brain activity what-so-ever.

2) I mess up the alarm. The Skeptic oversleeps and nearly misses a load-out from a show. He calles me frantically, missing keys (about 15 work keys) that he though he left sitting on the back of the semi. Me, driving all over South Minneapolis for an hour looking for them in the road. He sheepishly calling me back, they had been in a padlock the entire time. 

3) Tonight: Target. 2 hours of wandering, trying to buy everything from swim-trunks to toothpaste to something for dinner, no list, ending up at 6pm in the ice cream isle with two starving boys, (one of them lying on the floor, crying, the other sitting in the cart, crying…) spending way too much money and buying crap that I never, ever even consider buying. 

Honestly, we’ve been having events like this every other day for the past two months. And I realized tonight, we are out-of-whack. Do you ever have that happen? LIfe gets busy, too crazy busy. And you get tired, so you let things slide. Like grocery lists. Or actually listening to your partner when he or she is speaking to you. Or thinking the tiniest bit about what you might be buying and what the plan is when you go into the store. 

So my title tonight is my new mantra. Because The Skeptic and I were talking during dinner about how we have been so busy, we’ve stopped thinking, stopped planning, stopped paying attention. Letting it all slide. We’re just doing and wow, does it make it harder that way!! So I will be stopping. I will be breathing. I will be present in what I’m doing. 

And I will never, ever go to Target again at 4:30 with two hungry boys and no plan.

Do you ever find yourself in this rut? How do you reset your world? Image




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