Five minutes or less

That’s how long I have to write this post. Can I do it?? I just wanted to point you to my new favorite thing, or tab, at the top right of this page. The “Inspirations” tab.

I’m tired of seeing great things I’d like to try to do then forgetting about them. I can bookmark, sure, but they just get lost amongst the other bookmarks. So now, when I see something I love I can just add it to this list. Then when I need inspiration, there it is.

I’m guess I’ll limit this to non-knitting items, since I just cue those up on Ravelry. So consider this my queue of non Raveled items.

I’m also publicly declaring that it’s not just my own sock kits I’m going to make up this year (like the Harlot), I’m going for general knitting kits as well. I’m telling you all so I’ll have to get it done. If I don’t report back on this in a week, ask me. And go visit Ellen if you need some kit inspiration in the meantime. She’s got a mean sock line-up.

No go click that new tab, and have a great day!!



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5 responses to “Five minutes or less

  1. Good idea with your inspirations! I do something similar with EverNote – keep track of all sorts of things I want to remember, but which would fade into bookmarks.

  2. I like the Inspirations tag!

    On a completely different note, your Twitter Feed box says “error.” Just in case you were hoping Neil Gaiman or Nathan Fillion was wondering where you were!

  3. Guinifer

    We’ll have to remember to come back here in June and ask you about those kits, right?


  4. Nice! I need to do this. There is soo much to sort through out there and I end up forgetting if I don’t do it right then. Looking forward to clicking on that button to see what your inspiration is.

  5. I have a big load of inspirations I keep on delicious. Unfortunately the list gets longer and time gets shorter!

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