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2009 / 2010

I’m a bit late since January is almost over, but I really like to take some time each year to review what last years goals were and take a look at what I want to accomplish this year. I’m not one for resolutions but goals I like.

So let’s take a look at last year:

1. Expand my spinning techniques. I’d like to expand beyond my typical bulky/worsted weight and try cabled, three ply and sock yarn. Maybe a couple more…beaded?? Hmmm, kind of. I did expand my basic skills by spinning true worsted and just spinning a better quality yarn. But three ply, cabled and beaded are still on the list. So is sock yarn. Maybe this year?

2. Dye some yarn. Even if it’s just one skein. Didn’t happen.

3. Mindful stashing. (Thank you Clara!) I like this idea, and I’ve already dug through the closet and listed around 40 balls of yarn that I like but don’t LOVE. I  just don’t see myself getting use out of them anytime soon. I’ve put them up on my local swap group and I’ll be listing the stuff that doesn’t sell on Ravelry as a sell or trade item in my stash. I did sell some of my yarn and I’d like to do the same again this year. And I did let myself buy some yarn, but not very much so I’d say I’m good on this goal.

4. Sweaters. I really, really want to knit sweaters. I’ve spent a lot of time knitting socks, soakers, hats, mittens. I want a sweater. I want my boys to have sweaters. The Skeptic says “just knit me socks.” So I don’t have to worry about him yet. But sweaters, yeah, sweaters….I did knit two sweaters for myself, Ubernatural and Diminishing Ribs. And I finished up a sweater for Spinner so I’d say this one’s a yes.

5. Sew pants and shorts for my boys. I did do a few of these….

Okay, so it was hit or miss for last years goals. Granted, 2009 was not a great year. Most of you know it was bad enough that on New Years Eve this year I was tempted to take to 2009 calendar in the back yard and burn it. So having time to do some of these things, well…it just wasn’t going to happen. But that’s okay, it did still get through a lot of knitting, because if all else fails there’s always knitting to fall back on, right?

So, 2010. What will it be?

1. Knitting: I’d really like to knit a lace shawl. And I’d like to knit more complex patterns. 2009 was the year I like to call “The Year of Mindless Knitting” which is what I needed at the time. This year I want charts. Lots of charts!

2. Spinning: Repeat last years goal: cabled, three-ply, beaded, sock.

3. Sewing: Ooooh, this is the big one. Why??? I’ll tell you in a minute. But my mind is on two things, sewing clothes and quilting. I’d like to learn to sew clothing for myself and I’d like to do two quilts, one machine quilted and one small hand quilted item.

4. Weaving: What??? Weaving, you say? How did weaving get in here? Well, last year my family went together on a Cricket loom for my birthday. But that was the time that we lost my father-in-law, so it pretty much sat around for quite awhile. When I did warp it, it was for a practice scarf that Little Man and I were working on together. That scarf is still on the loom. I’d like to finish it up and start a scarf for me.

5. Dying: Um, let’s be realistic here. Probably not. But I did acquire two crock pots in case I feel the urge.

Now, how realistic is all this, actually? I’m not sure, and it’s going to be tough. The chance that I might just dissolve back into mindless knitting is quite real, since I am in full on toddler-hood with Spinner, and since Knittykid is in that  oh so fun “Hey, I have a mind of my own!” stage, this will be a hard year to get much done.

Yesterday at playgroup, some friends and I were chatting. (Isn’t that what playgroup is for?)  We are all on baby number three, and we were talking about how when we all had our first babies, it seemed so hard. We talked about how just the idea of leaving the house with our three month old baby was overwhelming and we’d take three days just to pack the diaper bag. We’d say it’s “soooo haaaarrrd” and the older moms would smile an nod. Because they knew.  A three month old is a piece of cake. It would get harder, much harder because that three month old world turn one. And a one year old? A one-year-old is adorable. They are sweet and cute and hilarious. They learn a new thing every two seconds and that is a delight. They snuggle, they giggle, they adore you. That saves your sanity. Because with a one year old you will get absolutely nothing done for an entire year. You will spend your entire day taking rolls of toilet paper our of the toilet and saying “For the love of god please let go of mommy’s leg for two seconds!!” All while your almost-four-year-old sits on the floor screaming “I HATE YOU!!!” because you won’t give him ice cream for lunch. (Thank god for the almost-seven-year-old who has sense enough to hide in the workroom upstairs doing his math). Once they go to bed you will knit four rows of a sock and fall asleep on the couch.

And readers, I will leave you hear, and tell you about why I’ll be sewing more in another post. Because at 6am this morning I was delusional and thought I could write this post amidst my boys. It is now 8:30 and there is much screaming and gnashing of teeth, something about “my blueberries” so I will stop here, and leave you all to giggle to yourselves about my 2010 goals. I think a certain one-year-old needs a little love, and isn’t that the real goal of 2010? So I rephrase my 2010 goals:

1. Give lots of love.

Anything else that gets done is just a bonus. 🙂



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