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Spinning and randomness


Miss Babs, merino and silk, singles….

DSC06985I’m actually done with it all, plied up and everything. It just needs a good soak and some better photos. The gray is flicked with pinks and blues along with the yellow nubs. It’s gorgeous and the best to date.


  • I have a new nephew!! That now makes five boy cousins on the Skeptic’s side of the family and my poor niece, the solo girl. I think though that she really loves all the boyishness when we are all together. Now to get knitting…my SIL and BIL wanted to be surprised with this one and I’m tired on knitting gender neutral.
  • Thanks to those of you who already posted a book review for the contest. Remember, you don’t need to write anything lengthy on your blog. A nice blurb will do! Let’s get some good book chatter going!
  • If I publically state that I’m giving up coffee, chocolate and sugar for awhile will I be able to do it? I’ve got some massive heartburn issues going on right now, bad enough that it is messing with my vocal chords and I’m having trouble singing (not good for a music teacher). I want to make one last ditch effort to squelch it before I give into to big pharma and take the Prilosec.
  • I’m getting a serger!! (Thanks, Grandma!)
  • When Knittykid is mad at you he calls you a “flutter!” I asked for clarification and he confirmed that yes, it is flutter as in butterfly. Not sure why that’s an insult but I guess it is. Too funny.


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