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WIP’s and a thank you

The Honeycomb Bag is knitted up and ready for finishing. I have to say, the bag is cute but the yarn is a major PITA. Why anyone would want to knit an entire sweater in it (although it is soft) is beyond me. Don’t try to tink anything and if you lose a stitch, too bad for you…

I have to pick a lining for the bag. To be honest, I love both my fabric options but I’m not sure I love either with the bag. Would you choose

Option #1

Honeycomb Bag 1

or Option #2?

Honeycomb bag #2

Or would you head to the fabric shop?

I promised a picture of how the Baby Surprise is looking with my first ever hand dyed yarn. It’s the only thing making this miserable Minnesota spring tolerable.

Baby Surprise #1

Last but not least, a big thank you goes to Amy over at Knit Think! Look at the wonderful contest prize she sent me!


I can’t wait to knit this up; I’m in love with orange lately. And eat it with the chocolates and tea and use the cute stitch markers. I’m all set. Thanks Amy!!!!



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