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Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

It was five years ago today that this dark-haired, beautiful little boy emerged into this world.


It seems like just yesterday that he was a tiny two year old. A few of my friends’ children turned five that summer and I remember thinking what a huge turning point that was. Five meant kindergarten, that first real step out into the world, and it seemed so far away at the time. Now here I am with another two year old and my oldest is turning five. He’s not so little anymore…


I am constantly amazed by my firstborn. His joy, curiosity and enthusiasm are contagious. His amazing stories, observations, wonderings and constant chatter mean I never have a moment to not have something to think about. Just now, as he’s sitting next to me on the floor putting his legos together, he blurted out to me, “Mom? Isn’t it funny how some people think it’s morning time, when it’s really night time?” This is what I love about five, because I know there is a story in there somewhere that will come out any minute. I wish I was better at remembering to write them down.

So today I wish the happiest birthday to my own dear Little Man. Thank you for five amazing and happy years. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings to you!


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