Daily Archives: February 11, 2007

Love is…

I am amazed at all this goodness!

Doublepoints, fabric, chocolates, tea, a notepad, soap, a delicates washbag, two lovely patterns, a button, a gorgeous hankie with crocheted edging that I just want to carry around all day…I hope I’m not forgetting anything because there was so much!!!

And of course, yarn. Some of the most lovely stuff I have ever come across from Zen String. It is Lotus Toes, and is so incredibly soft. I can’t wait to knit with it. And in pink and brown, a favorite color combo of mine!

This all comes from Jenny, over at Mary Janes’ Farm in the Hot Socks Swap. Jenny, thanks so very much for your generosity. What a wonderful package!

More love: A day of spinning class at the Textile Center, taught by my friend Jen.

Rolags and more roving ready to be rolags.

I’ve decided bottom whorl is way better than top.

A year waiting on my wheel, plied!!! It’s seriously bulky, but fun.

Even more love: Finished Anemois.

Specs to come. I’ve got rolags to get ready. I’ve an entire day of class again tomorrow!



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