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I think what amazes me the most about having children are the sudden changes. For the longest time, they seem to stay the same: same games, ideas, routines, even the pants that they wear. Then all of a sudden, you wake up one morning and the pants are three inches too short and it’s a totally different child standing in front of you.

We’ve had these giant blocks now for about two years and they are a constant favorite. The play, however, has changed. When he was two, Little Man would watch us stack them up, then immediately knock them all down. We’d do this over and over. As he turned three, he started to have have ideas: “Let’s build a house!” “Let’s build a tunnel!” He’d pretty much just watch us build it, helping just a little, use it for a bit, then knock it all down. Yesterday I saw this:

Little Man’s idea; it’s a parking ramp. What’s amazing is that he built it all on his own. He didn’t ask for help, he had a specific plan, and he went for it. Even more amazing? Not only did he not knock it all down, but we had to leave it there for tomorrow. I just sat there watching him, wondering, “where on earth did this child come from? Where’s the boy who needs me to show him how, to help him figure it out?” The four year old is emerging.

The one year old is emerging too. Look who’s cruising around! I’m predicting first steps by his first birthday, as this kid is seriously on the move. You can see he’s trying to climb up the box.

Now, to keep from getting too sentimemtal and to keep up the knitting portion of this blog, I will now answer the question that you are all thinking, that the Skeptic asked when he came home from work: “What the hell is he wearing?”

I give you the close up:

We’ve been in the below zero range in Minnesota lately and we’re all about keeping warm in our drafty old house. So Knittybaby is wearing his soaker, knit in the Picky Pants pattern from Little Turtle Knits, in their hand dyed yarn. To complete the look he’s got on his Babylegs to keep those little legs nice and toasty. He actually wears pants over the whole ensemble but he mucked them up a bit. I have to say, this outfit cracks me up. Love it.

It’s going to be birthday season for the Knittyfamily soon. Four birthdays in five weeks. With that will come the new improved blog, contests, and prizes. Oh yeah people, big plans are brewing, I’d say! It’s getting time to celebrate.



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