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Blogger experimentation

So I spent some time this weekend learning a little about CSS and experimented with changing my blog a bit. I started out by playing around with a new banner, and just grabbed a picture from a past entry to throw in there. I kind of like the clothesline idea, but want to take a better picture where everything is knitted. I also have to figure out where the code is for the pink stripes. I want to change them to a dark brown, but can’t figure out where the code is in my template. Anybody know?

Did I tell you I finished my shawl awhile back? Here she is on the mesy futon in the playroom (I’m so good at posing pictures):

And a close up (it needs blocking badly):

The specs:
Yarn: Atacama alpaca, 2 skeins (missing label, not sure of the color. It’s a blue/brown handpainted)
Needles: size 15
I followed the Harlot’sKnitting Rules” for knitting a triangular shawl. That pretty much means you cast on three and increase at the ends every other row until you are out of yarn. I saw a sample of this same shawl at Yarnover in April.
Notes: I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, although I’m not too fond of knitting with a finer yarn on such big needles. I found it challenging to maintain an even guage. But, it will be a nice light shawl for the fall and I really love the colors.

Only five more days to get your contest entry in! I’m lovin’ your stories!



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