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Well, I finally got the first half of Little Man’s vest done. Only problem was the neckline. I had to decrease on both the knit and purl sides. I tried decreasing the second and third stitches in to keep my edges smooth, which looked great on the knit side, but I did ssk and p2tog, and the p2tog looks sort of funny. Is there a purl side equivilent of ssk? I need to check that out, as I’m on to the front side next and would like to be a little smoother.

Not much other knitting done as I spent the rest of the weekend wrestling with an old Western sewing machine. My DH found this in the alley. It’s very cool and I paid $100 last summer to have it all fixed up, but now the effing thing won’t work, so my beautiful kitchen curtains are waiting in a pile to be hemmed while I try to get the tension evened out. Considering I tried for two hours it’s not looking too good. 😦 Add to that the fact that DH’s remark on my fabric choice was that it “is the ugliest fabric he has ever seen…..” I know there is a reason I don’t usually sew! Personally, I think all Amy Butler fabrics are great and you can’t go wrong. I will say in my defense of fabric choices that DH asked me yesterday if his bright yellow shirt with maroon writing went with his baby blue striped shirt and his army green pants (it looked even worse than it sounds) and I ask you who has bad taste. 🙂


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