Drowning in yarn…

I am starting to have WAY too many projects either on the needles or in line, and buying way too much yarn (if that’s even possible!) Between visiting a new Yarn shop last weekend, a sale at a LYS, and a trip to another new yarn store this weekend, I am even getting overwhelmed. So here I go trying to sort it all out:

LM’s vest, from Debbie Bliss’s Baby Knits book
Slip stitch socks, Knitpicks Sock Garden
LM’s socks, Elann “Sock it To Me”
Baby garter stitch sweater from Interweave summer 2005
Color By Color Scarf
Weekend Warrior
Barbar Walker Learn to Knit Afghan
Tube top/skirt from SnB Nation in Berroco Cotton Twist, light blue
Top down Raglan from Ann Budd’s Sweater Book in Knitpicks, Wool of the Andes

In line:
Anouk from Knitty
Two baby hats
Baby Booties (Suss Cousins newest book)
A Booga or Sophie Bag in Noro Kuyeron for a friend
X Back Tank top from Knitty, Summer 2005
Knitting Bag from Knitter’s Stash
about four scarves and five pairs of socks
and numerous things I can’t even remember right now……

You can see the problem here. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to get some sort of project wish list going so I can figure out where I’m headed. Ever since I finished Clapotis I’ve just been randomly knitting a bit here and there. Time to hunker down and get some things finished up!!


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