Two FO’s!!

Well, I was up until one last night, but I maganed to complete two items yesterday:

First one was the lace ribbon scarf from The Little Box of Scarves. It turned out a bit short, but hey, the color is beautiful even if my cast on is, as usual, too tight, which causes the scarf ot roll in on itself a bit. But not enough to do it over…I”m happy.

Next was the baby hat for my SIL’s baby shower. Once I got used to the cotton, I actually enjoyed knitting with it and it turned out fairly even, except for where I joined it in the round. Somehow I ended up with an extra big loop which I patched up when I sewed in the tail. Rather than making the I-cord (since it was already 12:30) I crocheted the cotton along with some leftover ribbon from my scarf and tied that around the head; quick and cute! (and done) Now the only other “finishing” I have to do is go back and remove all the black hairs from my cat Arthur, who (despite being poked in the back quite often w/ my double points) insists on sitting on my lap as I knit. Usually no problem, but for some reason the 1824 cotton is a cat-hair magnet, so I need to de-cat it before wrapping. Maybe this is how eyelash yarn was invented?

Big goal tonight: finish one more baby sock (which I started about 8 rows of ribbing last night) and wrap up all these little chocolate favors for the shower tomorrow. I doubt we’ll get to MIL’s until 9 tonight, so it will be another late night for me…


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