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The Egg

I had an assignment to complete today.

Weeks ago I signed up for Camilla and Caroline’s photography workshop. As much as I love blogging, my lack of photographic knowledge often leaves me wanting to know more. I admire both these ladies’ photos and was sure they’d have much to offer.

Our first assignment: framing an egg. In a nutshell, we were to take photos of a white egg on a white and black background, then feel free to explore a bit.

I was at my parents house today, so when they took the boys out for a walk I took advantage of the quiet. My favorite images I came up with:

Bec 006

Bec 008

Bec 011

Bec 016

Bec 020

Bec 025

Bec 029

I was amazed at how the color of the egg changed just by the background and the lighting. It was fun to just play around with something simple, just to take a photo and see what happened. To see what the light did, how the shadows played against it, how one little movement made such a change.

I learned that I won’t become a better photographer until I take the time to really learn what my camera does. I didn’t have the manual with me, so once again I was just experimenting without knowing what I was really doing. For the next assignment I’d like to take the time to read through my camera manual, as well as pay better attention to my choice in settings and the results that I get.


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