2.5 pounds

That’s what I plan to shed over the next 2.5 months….in fiber of course!

I realized this weekend that my spinning wheel has been sitting sad and lonely in the corner for months now, and it was time to remedy that. Also, it’s only 2.5 months until Shepherd’s Harvest. If I want to be able to allow myself my one big shopping spree a year, I need to clear house a bit.

This weeks effort is a merino silk blend. I’m spinning worsted style, inch-worming it with a forward draw. Absolutely no spin let into the drafting triangle, which is something I haven’t done in awhile. My spinning plan these next couple of months is to really try a bit of everything.

The best part of spinning this weekend? When Spinner and Knittykid both sat down to watch me spin, and Knittykid said in a confused voice, “Why do you have to DO that?”



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4 responses to “2.5 pounds

  1. Well, son, it’s like this. Mommy can chose to be crabby or Mommy can chose to make lovely yarn to knit pretty things. Which would you like better?

    (I think they are too young for the Mommy’s Sleepy Juice talk.)

  2. Aww Knittykid is funny 🙂 What a beautiful yarn!

  3. That yarn looks lovely. Do you have plans for it?

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