You are seeing:


A. A very pretty scarf that I made over the weekend.

B. A large floral life preserver that I made over the weekend.

C. A wife who is annoyed that she has to have her picture taken in the shop by her husband who keeps saying, “It’s just really BIG, don’t you think?”

What’s your guess?

I’m undecided. And you CAN pick B if you think so.

The scarf, by the way, is from a Anna Maria Horner kit. Her post and tutorial here. Of course, it looks gorgeous on her. Still my favorite fabric designer ever, I have to say. Her fabric always stands out to me, and I love that she got the whole voile/flannel/velveteen thing going! Very smart.



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9 responses to “You are seeing:

  1. I like the floral print, but I don’t think it looks big. And I do think it’s hilarious that you had to have your photo taken in the shop!

  2. I like the print. As for size – I think I would need to see it in action to determine if the scarf is too big. I wove a scarf last year that i love – but it is just a scosh too big when I wear it with one of my coats. It fits the other coat just fine, though. So, see what I mean?

  3. Guinifer

    It will look beautiful tucked into a jacket/coat!

  4. Jess

    It’s adorable on you!

  5. It’ll be bright and cheery with the right coat.

  6. I love the fabric! Too big? Naaaah! Just right!

  7. It would look nice with something pink?

  8. I choose A for sure – I love it! And I’m with you, Anna Maria is probably my favorite fabric designer, too. Her prints are just sooooo beautiful.

  9. Liz

    Is it wrong that I was instantly distracted by the bandsaw in the background?

    I do like the scarf. Very cute! Like the fabric.

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