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Can’t stop

All I want to do these days is spin. Not knit, now sew, spin. This is a bit of a problem, since I really need to do massive amounts of sewing. Spinner’s baptism is coming up in a month and I’m hoping to make two sets of curtains, a dress for me, and outfits for the boys. Yeah, I’m delirious. No matter what, I am determined that I will not be dressing Spinner in a goofy all white outfit this time. I did with Little Man and Knittykid, mostly because I didn’t know what else to put them in. I remember finding a couple baptism outfits that were nice, but they were at Macy’s and a small fortune. This time I am being a rebel and dressing Spinner in linen and japanese fabric. I also have my brother’s sweet baptism outfit form the 80’s that I might incorporate as well. Take that, stodgy old Lutherans!!*

As for the spinning, I finally finished up the fiber I spun for my doula and very dear friend:
It’s from Crown Mountain, and I think I’m obsessed with them as well. It’s Superwash in the San Franciso colorway. I spun up 8 ounces of it. I need more of this stuff. Although I’m not a huge fan of superwash, so I’ll be trying their BFL next.

I have some other stuff almost ready to show off the wheel, in the meantime I’ll be trying to maintain my focus.

*I actually adore stodgy old Lutherans, just so you all know….



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