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SP10 Strikes Again!!!

Honestly, my SP10 kicks some serious arse. Once again, she’s gifted me with an absolutely unbelievable package. Everything was individually wrapped, numbered with a little explanation about each one. So much fun to open, that I forgot to take pictures until my table was covered in tissue paper. Check out these amazing goods:


Two bars of soap, lavender cuticle cream, honey and tea, “The Twister Sisters Sock Workbook,” a Denise Schmitt stationary set (I love her fabrics and quilts!), a vase, a candle, some super fun socks (can’t wait to wear these!) and some Knitpicks and kool-aid to dye with. (Little Man and I have big plans for this!!:-) She also sent me a vegetarian cook book. (I love getting cookbooks, this one looks fun!)

And look! She even knit for me!! A lovely bag, perfect for summer trips to the farmers market. I was so thrilled to find this in there! dsc03097.jpg

Thank you SP10 for such a thoughtful package! (Can you tell by my bazillion !!!!!! that I really, really liked it:-)!!!!!!!

I can’t wait to find out who she is. We have a lot in common and it’s really been fun getting to know her this swap.



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