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Clapotis is DONE!!!!

I finished my Clapotis!!! All it needs now is some serious blocking and I’m finished. I can’t even begin to say how relieved I am to have finished this project. Its funny how I really loved knitting it, but hated how it just dragged on forever, and ever, and ever. But I’m very proud of myself for sticking with it and getting it done quickly.

I also made the Henry Rollins doll, for my brother to give to his friend for a baby shower present. I’ll have a picture soon. His friend is a huge Rollins fan, so what better toy, huh? My brother cracks me up sometimes! His friend really liked it. It was my first attempt at a doll, and aside from giving Henry a bad hairdo he turned out pretty good.

So what’s next?

-My next pair of socks, in Marigold from Knitpicks.

-“Anouk” from Knitty (for my brand new niece!!!:-)

-Two other random baby hats that I need to get done in the next couple weeks. Not sure what I’ll make yet.

I have a few other projects in mind, but these are at the top of the list, in addition to Little Man’s vest that I need to finish so I can get his two year old pictures taken. I seriously need to get busy on that one, or he’ll be three by the time I get it done.

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Slow night, yet not so slow

Once a month, I have a group at church that gets together to knit. Usually, this is a nice, relaxing night for me that I look forward to. Last night was different. DH had to work late, so the Little Man came with me to knitting, which really meant, no knitting for me. He is a very, and I mean VERY busy two year old who was also in a tired mood last night, and then the poor litle guy gets dragged to a knitting group by me. I should have known that it would be a miracle if I managed to knit even 2 rows with him with me (which I did) but the rest of the evening was spent following him around the hallways, reminding him that the trash can is not a toy, and trying to convince him that it is just not nice to throw our sippy cups at our fellow knitters. Amongst all that, I consider 2 rows on a prayer shawl quite an accomplishment, don’t you?

After bedtime, I tried so hard to stay up so I could drop the next stitch on my Clapotis. Didn’t make it; four rows and I was falling asleep. So I’m betting myself, can I finish it this weekend? We’ll see!

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It just doesn’t end……

I started Clapotis about a month ago now. I chose the Butone yarn in Fiesta from Handpainted and it is knitting up to be just lovely. The problem? I had put it off because it seemed like a bunch of work with all the markers. But once I jumped in an did it, it was actually pretty easy. So easy, in fact that I naively thought, “I’ll be done with this in no time!” Ha! It just keeps going, going, going.

The worst is I haven’t really been working on much else than this scarf. My poor weekend sweater is just sitting there, waiting to be sewn together. Little Man’s cute new vest…sitting there. My socks…sitting there. Don’t even ask about the Color By Color scarf or my Barbara Walker afghan. They are at the bottom of the closet. My question is, how on earth do all those Clapotis knitters have time to get so many done? Some people on that knit along have done two, three, four of them!

This weekend, Clapotis, your finished, got it ?! !!

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