So much for planning….

I want to cry. I was so ahead this morning. I told myself that each Monday, in that one precious hour in which the big guys are in school and Spinner has speech class, I would write. And write I did; three blog posts with today’s being the longest. And now, as I go to post it and add my pictures, I see my drafts box has only one entry, which happens to be the shortest and most unfinished. The rest are who-knows-where.

So today’s post, one I was totally excited about is now going to be reduced to a fragment. But maybe that’s ok, because that early in the morning I may have been too blah, blah, blah…. I do tend to yammer. So here is the gist:

Creative, messy, loud, busy, wild, active, crazy is good sometimes, not all of the time. 

Calm, peace, gentleness, rest, quiet, slow are all needed in our home. Very, very much.

I think I might finally have an idea of how to get there. 

We have some necessary changes to make in our family. I’ll get more to the why the next day. Changes that are not going to be easy, but which in the long run I think will leave all five of us stronger, happier and a closer family. 

In the meantime…..


Not good:






Not good:






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One response to “So much for planning….

  1. So sorry about your blog posts – it is a bummer when that happens.

    I think that small steps will help! It looks like you are making progress. I need to do something to get organised and tidied up, too.

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