Yarn Along

Are you a Project Runway fan? I normally shy far away from any reality show, but I do love this one. And Tim Gunn….I absolutely adore him. He’s a total gentleman, (read his guide to life! so good!) and you don’t get that enough these days. This week i’m enjoying Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible, which is a great read. The title doesn’t give it justice, because it is really a history of Western fashion, and a fascinating one at that. I need to hurry though, it’s due back at the library in a few days. I think this one might have a few overdue fines!


The knitting is yet another Windschief, this one a cowl for The Skeptic to keep him cozy in his winter biking travels. He requested one that is tighter and won’t slide down; I believe this will do the trick.ImageWow…I am filing this under category of “worst pictures I have ever taken!”


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  1. I love the cowl. I’ve not come across Project Runway though!

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