It’s below zero today in Minneapolis, something that happens less and less these days, which means I love it even more. The winters of my youth just don’t happen these days and I miss it. I want lots of snow, and lots of cold. So when I have a day like today when I can wear two pairs of wool socks I am happy. These is just something about the cold. It clears my head and gives me an energy that I just don’t have in the summertime. I know, a crazy idea to most of the world, but I do love it.

The best part of being a northerner is that we get to wear the most wool! And since I have some Christmas gift money to spend I’ve decided it’s time for a really nice new sweater to knit. I’m torn between two patterns, what do you think?

Both are from Brooklyn Tweed (and I’m treating myself to his yarn too!)

  Fairfield        or      Tilda??



  I do wish I could knit both……which would you pick? I’ve always wanted a classic cabled sweater like Fairfield, but I do love the simple details on Tilda. 



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4 responses to “Winter

  1. Oh, they’re both terrific! I think I would WEAR Tilda more, but I would ENJOY KNITTING Fairfield more (cables are so much fun to knit). It’s a toss-up!

  2. I vote for Fairfield even though I’ve never knit cables before. To my eye, Fairfield looks like it has a better shape/drape to it; Tilda looks too boxy for my tastes. Whatever you choose, it will be fun to knit!

  3. I like Fairfield as well although I think I’d make one knit in the round, a la Elizabeth Zimmerman. I think one of my sweaters this year will have cables as well . . .

    Weatherwise, I like to wear wool tights and when it’s extra cold , I wear them under jeans!

  4. I like both 🙂 (I know – not helpful). I think I’d chose the cably one.

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