Summer’s here….

And we’re off! What a start to the summer. We’ve already crammed in a night of camping, a lot of gardening, and I’m starting to uncover the floors in all the boys’ bedrooms. (Seriously, the floors were just GONE and a piles of toys and laundry in their place). We always have this rough transition when I’m still teaching and The Skeptic has a massive amount of very large shows to put together. So May turns into “trash the house and eat junk” month and then I spend June getting us back to normal.


So what’s happening? We had a great Father’s Day in which I reminded myself that I can’t do everything, gave up on making a gift and took the boys to Target to buy a belt. We did use very fun form “All About My Dad” from All for the Boys to fill out, and the boys also used some old artwork to wrap the belt. The funniest  was that they decided Dad is 6 feet, 21 inches tall. And The Skeptic is really only 5’8″.
The rest of his gift was a day to work on and FINISH a project. He designed and built two trellises for our hops vines. They still need to be put in the ground, which is why this one looks way to tall yet, but you get the idea.

We also have early morning art projects….(much to my chagrin, as helping with this at 6:30 was not my favorite way to wake up)


Lastly, today’s excitement is a rain garden installation! We received a grant from Metro Blooms, which mean the plants and installation are FREE. Love free plants and the folks who plant them. This is the current site, plants to be put in later today.





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2 responses to “Summer’s here….

  1. Ah yes, we’ve begun on the kids’ rooms around here, too. Awesome about the rain garden grant!

  2. Wow – awesome trellis! You are a really creative family.

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