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I packed up my classroom today for summer break, and wow did that feel nice! This has by far been my most challenging year yet. I’ll be glad to have those 2.5 days a week back to myself for awhile. Thanks to all of you for your good advice after my last post. I took it all to heart.

It did dawn on me yesterday, the other thing that has made this year such a tough one. The boys are in such different developmental stages right now. Math Boy is growing fast. School projects, homework, friendships, hard questions….there is a lot on the mind of a nine year old boy who doesn’t even seem to fall asleep anymore before 9:30, no matter how early he is in bed. Then there is Spinner, right in the middle of that 3 year old must-unroll-toiletpaper-draw-on-mom’s sewing-machine phase. He doesn’t want to sleep at all. Then poor Knittykid, right in the middle. A big kid? A little kid? Changes by the minute. It was easier when Spinner was still a baby because they were all still little then. But now….a lot going on at once, no wonder I’m tired!!

I’m excited that summer is here. I’m excited to reset this household. To have a relaxing summer of Camp Mom again. Swim lessons, VBS, playing at the park, hiking, picnics, and some fun activities to keep us busy at home. I decided last summer that I wasn’t going to over-schedule our summer, and I loved the freedom that went with it. With this many kids, it’s too easy to get sucked into the constant hauling of people around the city, and I hate that. Maybe if everyone could go to one place it might be different, but between the cost of so many camps and the driving/biking, I’d rather figure it out for myself!

What will us busy? These are my favorites for this summer:

Action Pack The smart idea of Kathreen at Whip-Up. The boys are excited with every new issue!

Alphabet Glue  I just discovered this, and I have to say how excited I am. My boys love books, so this is great!

Kiwi Crate  It’s mail. And I don’t have to make a trip to JoAnn’s. Everyone is happy!

Summer Camp Adventure Club  Just found this today. Not sure if we’ll do the whole summer or just a month. We have a lot of other fun things to do, but this also seems too cool to pass up.

And of course, paint. Lots and lots of paint.


How will you spend your summer? Do you have little ones to keep busy or do you get some down time?

We will also be heading out to the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming for our first real family vacation in years and to celebrate a dear friends wedding. Any travel tips?



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4 responses to “Camp Mom

  1. Camp Mom sounds ace! We have another 6 weeks of school, but I’m storing up your ideas for when we do break up.

  2. Enjoy your much-deserved summer vacation!

  3. Books on cd/tape! The Saturdays and the Four Story Mistake by Elizabeth Enright are both good ones. They took us all the way to Maryland last year.

    Even longer, more complicated ones are good for 9 yr. olds (1776 – David McCullough, Young Theodore Roosevelt – ?) when the younger ones are sleeping.

    My mom used to make little travel packs from manila envelopes with comic books, coloring books, little bags of crayons, joke books, etc. I seem to remember them working . . .

    Good luck on the trip!

  4. I think I would like to come to Camp Mom. Got any spaces? 🙂

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