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Happy New Year!

Well, hello there! Are you still here? Thank you for sticking around as I took a completely unannounced hiatus. I’ve thought quite a bit about blogging in the last few months, just not actually writing. But suddenly this morning, the house is tidy, the boys are quiet and I feel like writing again. It’s a new year, time to think and reflect, make some plans and look ahead. So here I am, wishing you all a very happy New Year’s Eve (or New Year’s Day, if you’re on the other side of the globe) and taking a few moments to ponder…

Now, this could actually be two posts since I’ve got two big things on my mind. Do I start with blogging? Or 2012 goals? Since I’ve been lapse in my blogging, I’ll start with that. So if you’re into the status of the blogosphere, read on here. If you just want to get to some good sewing and knitting, you can skip ahead through the bullets and get to fabric and yarn…

Blogging has been on my mind a lot lately. Why am I not blogging anymore? Why don’t I even feel like blogging? Why am I not reading blogs as much as I used to? And I’ve reached some conclusions about my temporary demise:

  • Facebook. My number one problem. First of all, I have limited computer time. I tend to pop on for a few minutes while the onions are frying or my brain needs a break from whatever I’m doing. And somehow I shifted those little breaks into checking into my Facebook page rather than my Feedly page. Along with that, Facebook has sort of stolen my blogging voice. Many of my posts came from a thought or idea that I had. I’d think about it, it would grow, and by the end of the day it would be a blog post. Now, I have a thought, the boys do something funny, I read something interesting and I throw it on Facebook. But then it’s out there, so I stop thinking about it.
  • The state of the blog: Blogging has changed so much from when I first started, over six years ago. Back then it was such a small community. Everyone left comments, because you had time to leave comments. There were only a handful of blogs around and you felt as if you really knew those people And I loved to write because I loved the dialog about what I was writing. The reason I never kept a journal was because it was boring….I was just talking to myself. I loved blogging because it was a conversation. These days there are so many blogs, It’s impossible to keep up and I often find myself just clicking through them, rather than staying awhile, reading and leaving my own thoughts. It’s interesting…I know I still have a few hundred people who still visit this blog on a regular basis (or I did, when I posted!). But I’m guessing you’re all like me, buzzing in and out rather than staying awhile and saying what you think.  When I do read, I rarely leave comments these days. And blogging is business now. I love all the blogs of the designers and authors, the “professionals.” But reading them is more like reading a magazine than having a conversation. And so many of the little bloggers like myself have just up and disappeared. I guess what I’m saying is I miss that community. Now I only “know” a handful of my readers. And maybe that’s okay, perhaps that’s the direction it’s had to go. OR maybe we can still have that. What do you think?
  • My camera sucks, and good blog photography is important. But that’s an easy one to fix. The Skeptic and I received some cash for Christmas which will be going to a new camera (Incidentally, do you know of one that is under $250 but will also take nice pictures of both yarn and jumping boys?)

Okay, enough of that. Let’s get to the important stuff…(Jump in here if you wanted to skip all the blogidty-wogity thinking!)

So, 2012. What will I do in 2012? 2011 was busy. Probably the busiest I have ever felt in my life, and while I feel like I did get a decent amount of stuff done, I don’t feel like I really tackled anything new or challenging. I mostly had a “hurry up and make it” philosophy, probably because it’s so hard to squeeze in any time. I made things I knew. So for this year, I want a new challenge. And because this is a blog, of course I need to give it a name and promise to report back to you on it. So I’m calling it Monthly Apparel.  It’s my pledge to go beyond pajama pants and simple knit skirts and actually make some clothing for myself. I would LOVE it if I had people join me. It will keep me focused on my goal (since I typically have mid-year burn out when I do this stuff) and it will keep my blogging.

Think about it, and I’ll have a new post up in a few days (really, I will). I’d love to see people setting a monthly goal in the beginning of the month, then reporting back on the last day. And although I’ll be trying to get myself into some more difficult stuff, maybe this is a chance for you to start with even the most basic sewing. I’ll even tell you how to make a skirt out of old t-shirts, it’s easy (See picture below) I do hope you’ll join me!


And surely,  I need to share some knitting. All this sewing  does not mean the knitting or spinning will stop around here. I actually finished this vest last last spring, if you can believe it, and finally sewed the buttons on this fall. It it by far the most lovely and practical thing I have ever knit. The pattern is Redhook from my favorite, Brooklyn Tweed. Raveled here.

I also have a beautiful cowl I’ll be sharing soon (along with a free pattern). But let’s just leave it at Noro Silk Garden for now…..

Have a Happy New Year everyone!! I’m looking forward to renewing a sense of blogging community this year and trying some new things. Hope to see you around!!



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