So I’m sitting in the coffeeshop today, knitting. (Herbivore, if you must know, and no, I still have no picture). And I can’t help but be completely taken in by the conversation at the table next to me. There was a man and woman, and the woman was frantically taking notes and saying “yeah” in a way that meant she either thought he was super smart and was completely taken in by him, or in a way that an employee agrees when they just need to make their employer feel smart.


The man was very loud, and animated and excited. He was talking about how people go up to the cabin, and then they work because they have to maintain the cabin. He was very upset by this and brought it up   at least three times. His book by Wayne Dyer sat on the table, and he kept on about his “product” which I think was either yoga classes, or maybe something of the type. I kept wondering why he was so worked up about the cabin thing. Did he buy a cabin once? Does he get dragged up there with the in-laws all the time and get stuck painting the boathouse? I really just wanted to pull up to the table and just ask.

He went back and forth from being a bit too much to sounding very smart. For a while he was going on about about Americans and drama, and how much we love drama and how bad it is for our health. Which I thought was clever and true. My household is all drama all the time (myself and Math Boy being the biggest culprits) and it does wear you down. So maybe the Skeptic’s chilled out attitude is smarter than I give him credit for.

The eavesdropping made me miss the days when the Skeptic and I would spend hours at the same coffee shop, reading the paper and listening in around us, trying to piece together the stories of the people we shared a cuppa with on a regular basis. People we never knew, but people we had nicknames for, people we made up imaginary stories up about because they seemed so darn interesting. This guy was like that. I just wanted to know his story, despite the odd cabin fixation.


Coffee knitting nosiness aside, it is Project Spectrum and I don’t want to drivel on like I did last post (that was a read, huh?) Hence the reds. Any guesses as to what I’ll make of it all?




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4 responses to “Red

  1. I love to do the same thing! I don’t know how many times I’ve gone out and imagined stories about the people around me and listened in on their conversations. Peter is usually oblivious, but it’s still fun.

    You know, I bet he really wants a cabin, but can’t afford it, so he’s taking a ‘sour grapes’ attitude about the whole thing. In which case, I’d recommend renting a cabin at a resort as a solution! And off-season rates make it even more affordable and peaceful as most people don’t go up north at that time. I am such a problem solver.

    My oldest son and I are the big dramatists around here. We mostly have intense emotional reactions to things so we spark bright. My advantage is that my outbursts fade quickly while Thomas tends to get caught in the current for much longer. 😦

  2. Guinifer

    ..and it’s so relaxing too.

    (Also, the time will come when you can work on your projects all that you want. You’ll miss the distractions!)

  3. Gorgeous reds!

    I don’t hang out at coffee shops as much as I used to, but I loved eavesdropping. 🙂

  4. I am considering doing a fall plitanng schedule. I actually have a bunch of weeks already worked out, but I haven’t figured out how to coordinate it all yet. If I have time, I will be putting it together this fall.

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