About Hats, Part Two

Yes, I was still without a hat. And suddenly it hit me. After all that searching I had a pattern, and yarn, in the right color just waiting for me in my closet. A week of knitting and I had this:


Here you see the Argyle Lace Hat from Boutique Knits.  An easy knit, enough stockinette to be mostly mindless with just enough of a lace pattern to keep it interesting. So easy, that I forgot to decrease on time and started the decreases too late. So the shaping on top is a little different but I still like it.

This hat reminded me of how nice it is sometimes to just use the yarn called for in the pattern. No gauge issues, no running out of yarn, no endless swatching. Which makes me wonder, how many of you typically use the yarn called for in a pattern (or something generally similar?) With my first hat, if I had just used the suggested yarn I would have been done in two days, not two weeks. But would I have learned as much? I think there are benefits to both.



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10 responses to “About Hats, Part Two

  1. Very pretty, I love the color and the buttons!

  2. joanne

    so cute! nice job.

  3. Are the buttons part of the pattern, or did you come up with that idea yourself? Either way, they look very cute!

    I rarely (maybe 2% of the time?) use the yarn that a pattern calls for. I’d love to (to avoid the gauge/swatching/etc. issues you mentioned), but I just can’t afford it, since most patterns call for pricey yarns. (Interweave patterns are especially guilty of this.)

  4. Just in time for snow melt season! Very pretty!

  5. Guinifer

    Well now, that is just beautiful!

  6. Whew! You got a hat – and a cute one, too!

  7. athreebeaglenight

    OOOH! Nice hat! Love it!

  8. It is really lovely- great job, don’t you just love it when it all works out. Nice touch with the buttons. I always buy the yarn first, I am drawn to it’s beauty. Then I come and go nuts because I can’t find a pattern. I really need to work on finding a pattern first, then the yarn…
    The sweater-hoodie from the prior posts really is exquisite- gosh so much work! Love the picture where your little one flopped on the chair- classic.
    Have a great thursday.

  9. Lovely hat – I like the button detail.

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