Taking Tea

Because boys will be, um…boys. I decided it’s time to learn some manners…..
Taking tea

We sipped our tea, ate our cookies and tried really, really hard to not get crumbs all over ourselves. So far Knittykid is the winner in the neatness category. Little Man saw no benefit to the exercise and professed his love of sloppiness. Although he did like the fake British accents…..

And spinning, because I need a hat. This hat in particular. And I have no cash and not the right yarn, so this will be my first attempt at recreating a yarn that I would normally buy. A bulky yarn, tricky when I’ve been working so hard to spin finer yarns. This will be a two-ply bulky yarn. I hope…..



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4 responses to “Taking Tea

  1. LOL about the fake British accents!

  2. Guinifer

    Looks like a good tea. You can use the fake British accents ANYWHERE!

  3. I love the pattern you chose!
    O, this post makes me laugh. I was having tea with Otto last week.. he put his napkin in the cup and soaked it up and thought it was the funniest thing ever. He still talks about it.

  4. ali

    Tea with children is so sweet! I should pour some tea this afternoon, and maybe try out some accents, my children have all watched Pride & Prejudice enough to pull that off quite well! 🙂

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