I’m always so revved up about Socktoberfest, but then I seem to lose my gusto and sort of forget about it after awhile. Not this year; I am determined!!

Despite the fact that I need to finish up Diminishing Ribs and Damson, and the fact that I really want to knit some mittens and a new hats for the family, oh, and finish up that sweater for Spinner, I am determined to get some sock knitting done this month. (Am I crazy? Just look at that list!)

For such a long time it seemed that all I knit were socks. And not even exciting socks at that, just plain old stockinette in the round sort of stuff. But then I made a resolution to branch out and I did, which is a good thing but then something happened last Spring, something very bad.

They started getting holes. Lots of holes. Bad enough that I’ve been walking around all day with my big toe sticking out of a lovely but very well work sock. And it’s supposed to snow this weekend. And we all know that I can’t just run out to Target, no, that’s not good enough anymore. Even the Smartwools from REI aren’t good enough for these tootsies. I need more socks.

So I’m going to try it Yarn Harlot style, and see if I sneak in a row here and two rows there if maybe I can get two pairs finished up this month.

Anyone care to guess how much I’ll actually get done?




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5 responses to “Socktoberfest

  1. I bet you’ll get more done than you expect! Go go go go go!!

  2. I’m betting on two pairs. I can do a pair of socks in three weeks if I don’t work harder than usual at it–two weeks if it’s a boot weight sock. And I don’t think I’m particularly fast. So, if you’re hammering away at it, I’d bet two pairs in a month.

    Which sock yarns are your favorite?

  3. Oh, just look at that hot mess of a pile of socks on the needles! I bet you can do two pairs for sure. As for myself and my Socktoberfest goals, I’m just hoping for one pair…

  4. Look at your socks! You have a really great start, that is all that is needed 🙂 I don’t know what Socktober fest is, I will have to lok that up. I love knitting socks, and look at yours with a pattern and all, they are great!
    I wanted to share a little thing I do with hats that let the wind blow through.. as your comment was saying over at Bee House. I started knitting them just a bit bigger if the pattern allowed and then felting them just a little by hand.
    Can’t wait to see your hats. Don’t you just want to knit everything this time of year!? I need more fingers. Have a good Sunday!

  5. Guinifer

    I love to have more than one pair of socks on the needles – that way I don’t get bored.

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