Lazy blogger, that’s me….

I am very unmotivated these days. For some reason the very idea of actually getting the camera (finding it, that is), taking and downloading a picture and then writing about it seems like an incredible amount of work. Plus I’m recuperating from Spinner’s baptism and all preparation that went into it. (I made quilted curtains that I can’t wait to show you!)

So today I’m introducing you to my friend Patty’s blog. She is a naturalist and early childhood science educator extraordinaire. You’ll want to add her to your Bloglines for certain! Enjoy!!



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3 responses to “Lazy blogger, that’s me….

  1. I got a good laugh at your comment over at Bee House about sheering paper sheep 🙂 Funny.
    Guess what!
    I now have a reason to knit little soakers.. so off I go to get some yarn.

    Yes, sometimes just finding the camera is a lot of work too. Mine is always missing–along with my good scissors.

    Have a good weekend 🙂

  2. Eh, it’s summer. I’m basically all about sitting out on the porch and (if it’s late in the day) having a glass of wine.

  3. Yeah, motivation is hard to come by on hot summer days… unless we’re talking motivation to consume ice cream, iced coffee, iced tea, etc…

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