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The Urban Homesteader

From my friend Rebecca:

I am sending out a call for submissions. We are starting a new online magazine and forum called The Urban Homesteader. It will hopefully be up and running in the next few months. We are looking for articles, art, pictures, stories, recipes, how-to’s related to all things Urban Homesteading.

What is Urban Homesteading? It is the creating of a more sustainable life on the micro and macro level in urban and suburban areas. Growing food, raising chickens, bee keeping, but also engaging in the local politics of positive people centered policy or the struggle to achieve that. For example, are people in your community attempting to build an intentional community? Is there push back? Who are the unrecognized leaders in your community that keep it all stuck together. Is there an Octogenarian that has been maintaining a garden for 50 years? How does she can? Where does he keep his seeds? Is there someone off grid in a McMansion? We want to hear about it! Write an article, take pictures. Share your art and recipes and tips and how -to’s. Write a book review or product review. Love your CSA? Co-op? School? Elected official?Tell us about it.
Share this post with others you know, friends, neighbors, college students, high school students, home school students. We are interested in all regions. We cannot offer compensation at this time other than publishing.

I’m very excited she’s getting this publication going. Even if you’re not interested in submitting anything, please take a minute to visit the blog and keep your eye out for the first publication!


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