Go Local

Time for a Go Local update, I missed it last week.

I love local eating just for the fact that I get delicious food, support brilliant small farmers and give big agribusiness one more kick in the pants. But I’m also smitten with the fact that I can save a buck or two. Some fruits or veggies  that I might put up are total money savers. Red peppers? They are practically free in the summer and cost the price of a small car in the winter. But others, it’s pretty close. Let’s see how I made out with the berries….DSC06093

I ended up with 13 bags of 12 ounces a piece. I paid $2.50 a pound for these organic berries, total of 9.75 pounds of berries, wow! That comes to about $2.11 a bag.

Frozen organic berries at the coop cost about $3.99 for a 10 oz bag, $2.79 when I stock them up on sale. So my 12 ounce bags are still cheaper than the ten ounce bags on sale. Strawberries? An obvious winner! Next year I need to do twice as many.

As for my other “alongs” my Tour de Fleece has a flat tire and my fiddling? Yeah, I didn’t tell you about that one, did I? Well, let’s just say I haven’t gotten too far. But hey, that’s life with three little boys, isn’t it? All in due time, I say. And now, it’s breakfast time. Hope your day will be as beautiful as ours!



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9 responses to “Go Local

  1. Amy

    I’m so happy to have my CSA back…I feel like a member of the privileged elite when I get my box!

  2. As a fiddler of 23 years (holy crap… more than 3/4 of my life), you can learn to play fiddle. It takes dedication, like any instrument, but fiddling is a tradition that started with others learning from others, so it’s only right to learn from someone new.

    However, as a fiddle teacher and violin teacher, I must add that a teacher is always helpful in guiding you in the right direction. 🙂

  3. Our strawberries have a prized position in the freezer every year. And every year I wish I had done more. This year has been so nice and cool that I think I will actually even get another run at them in August. Glory!!!
    Thanks for playing along…

  4. yay! Its all about the strawberries this week! 🙂

  5. Oh yum. We are in winter now and don’t I just wish I had some frozen strawberries right about now!

  6. Ooo, those are some beautiful strawberries!

  7. Hello! Just stumbled upon your blog and you photos got me! Spinning wheel, wool, crafts, berries… Great read!

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