Go Local

Two quick posts this morning. First, I stumbled upon the Go Local Challenge. Perfect encouragement for me this summer!


Second, I came across this exciting new publication:


Now if only the Skeptic would give in to those chickens. Or maybe we need to move to St. Paul. Apparently you can have one goat in St. Paul.



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9 responses to “Go Local

  1. I need to see if chickens are allowed in the suburb I where I live. I’ve been trying to convince my husband for a couple of years to take on some chickens. I wonder what the neighbors would say?

    We had chickens when I was growing up. I miss those eggs!

  2. Gwyneth

    Chickens are allowed in Minneapolis. If you want to keep the goodwill of your neighbors do not get a rooster.

  3. Joyce R

    We found out the hard way back in my youth in Denver that the neighbors’ hens also crow – every time the light on the garage went on.

  4. We had a goat for about a month when I was a youngster growing up on the farm. The goat was great at getting out of any enclosure. She’d then go stand on the roof of the nearest vehicle.

  5. A goat? I had no idea… but after reading Chris’ comment, I think I’ll pass! : )

  6. We can have any combination of animals up to 20 within city limits. Including goats. 😀

    I think they are REALLY good groundskeepers though! It would at least give the beagles something to do at my house other than herd each other.

    I think chickens would be a fun addition! You could have the kids take care of them and pick up eggs and… well… all sorts of stuff!

  7. I live in a condo, so no chickens here, but I do have some veggies growing on the deck!

    Hmm, I might have to take on the local challenge for the summer. Thanks for the links!

  8. Hmmm, chickens is an intriguing idea, but then I think we’d have to get rid of our squirrel-chasing hound dog, and that would be too sad. So I guess no chickens for us. Glad you’ve found the Go Local challenge, too…I’m looking forward to the Midtown market opening-up on Tuesday evenings starting in July. It’s just a hop-skip-and-jump away from us!

  9. tinyshoes

    you definitely need chickens!

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