Sock update

I added my Copycat socks (hereby known as my SIL Copycat Socks) to Ravelry today:

Feel free to queue them up for an easy summer sock project!!

We celebrated Little Man’s last day of kindergarten tonight. I am absolutely floored that I now have a son who will be in first grade. Wow. My first baby is all, 100% boy.

My second baby is working hard to be all boy, but luckily Knittykid’s  got a lot of baby in him yet. Any my third, well…. let’s just say that despite the fact that Spinner thinks he’s a big boy like his brothers (climbing the stairs already and all that, yikes!) I’ve told him that under no circumstances may he get any bigger. Nope, not even a bit.

We were sitting in Pizza Luce tonight, celebrating the beginning of summer. The Skeptic was talking about how he hopes that when the boys are all bigger, big enough that they don’t need anyone to cut up their pizza, or remind them to get out from under the table, or to take them to bathroom since it’s  their first foray out in public without a diaper on (I decided today would be a milestone for Knittykid, too)…he hoped that even though it will be a lot of fun to be out for dinner with three teenage boys, we will remember how very, very sweet these times are.



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4 responses to “Sock update

  1. deb

    So true. But each step of the journey has it’s memorable moments!!

  2. Poor Spinner. It’s going to be hard to get dates when he’s 16 and still a baby. 😉

  3. Guinifer

    I can’t tell you how many times over the last 17 years I have berated my poor DH. “Don’t wish them big – you’ll be sorry when they’re gone!” Every time he tried to throw out some big toy that was “in his way”, or something inconvenienced him. I have loved every year of my boys’ getting bigger – I rarely cry when they make “the next big step”; on the other hand I try not to spend time wishing the current frustrations away because when those frustrations are gone that means my boys are one step closer to walking away from me!

  4. We’ll have to meet and play at a park sometime – Youngest Child is going into first grade too. He’s at sumer school this week but I really am missing the wading pool and park time. Well, at least he’s got air conditioning there!

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