New Territory


I’m quilting along in full force. I have no idea what I’m doing, as this is my first quilt ever. So I’m going by the wise instructions of Elizabeth Hartman at Oh Fransson! and then figuring things out with Annik (the instigator) and our friend, (blogless) Karen who actually knows what she’s doing as far as quilting goes. (She’s taken classes and therefore is our Quilting Expert). So far, I’ve done nothing but sort fabric and figure out supplies but I’m having a jolly old time.

The fabric selection is more challenging than I thought it would be. The only fabric I’m letting myself buy is the linen/cotton blend I’d like for the sashing, as well as some extra for the back as I don’t think I’ll have big enough chunks of fabric to match. That leaves my stash for all the actual blocks. Here’s what I came up with last night. And yes, I need opinions…

Option one, warm, pinks/reds/greens:
Warm set

Warm set

One cool set, pinks, blues, greens….
Cool set

Cool set

I’m leaning towards the cool set, although it would be nice to use the warm set since it is made up of a lot of fat quarters. The cool set is all full yardage. Thoughts? Any certain fabrics that work or don’t work? (I should have numbered them). I’m not sure I’m totally happy with either as nothing is really saying “that’s it!” to me. I might have to dig through the stash some more to see….



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14 responses to “New Territory

  1. OMG!!! I’m stealing your quilt when it’s done. Both sets are gorgeous – first one blows my mind πŸ™‚

  2. All I can say is that I really love both piles of fabric and I’ll be right over to pick them up. Since you aren’t set on them anyway.

    I’m a fabric miser, so I’d go with the fat quarters in order to save the yardage for other projects. But I love the colors in both. Either way it’s going to be lovely.

  3. OOooH, I’m lovin your fabric stash!!! I feel myself drawn towards the warm group. The cool color group is nice too, so either will look very nice πŸ™‚

    I also want to make a quilt someday. I still need to finish my 2nd sewing project (which was supposed to be a Xmas present for my boyfriend, but wasn’t done in time).

  4. Karen

    Love them both – so hard to pick!! I’d have to go with the warm option if forced to choose. This is so much fun – can’t wait to get my fabric in the mail, maybe Saturday?

  5. Karen

    Maybe you could try pairing them up and show us how the pairs work together – I’m curious to see your vision!

  6. I love Oh Fransson! I am avidly reading her posts right now too. I love both sets of fabric. I feel like you are going to have a LOT of pattern going on. Do you have a few solids or more subdued color-on-color prints stashed away that would go with these? I just pieced together a quilt top that suffers from a few too many bold patterns and the blocks lose some of the interest in the pieced parts because you are distracted by the patterns. Seam lines get lost in the muddle. Does that even make sense? Anyhow, I just did it, so it’s on my mind. I think I rescued mine by adding a whole lot of black sashing to break things up. Just a thought as you are still playing with fabrics.

  7. Clemma

    Wow, beautiful. I’d go with the warms. What color will you use for sashing?

    Here’s a website with lots of helpfuil quilting demos:

    Be careful, once you get the quilting bug life as you know it is over.

  8. Jean Marie

    Both sets are pretty but I think I’d pick the cooler set – I like the turquoise!

    Watch your contrast though…in the pics it seems that many of your fabrics are about the same value (you can change your pictures over to grey and see if they show contrast or blend together).

    Check out the Heartstrings quilts if you get a chance, they’re really fun to look at.

  9. Hello! Those are both some fantastic options…I think I like the warm one best, but then I’m all about pink. Whatever you come up with I’m sure it’s gonna be beautiful and a whole lotta fun!

  10. I like both sets but if I were to choose I would go with the first set of fat quarters. I think for the sampler quilt this first set has more modular prints and will work real well with the overall theme.
    Good luck, sort of makes me want to pull out all my fabric and try my hand at quilting – sort of. Maybe…I really shouldn’t….the fabrics are so colorful and it’s so colorless outside…maybe I’ll just look.

  11. countryhousecrafts

    I love all the fabric you’ve chosen and I’d go with the cool ones. I’m currently working on Oh, Fransson! Paintbox Quilt Along using my personal fabric stash :O)

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