I love winter. But I hate the thawing season, the season where a perfectly dry set of steps suddenly becomes the stoop of death as you walk to your car. At 7am in the morning, when you know it’s glare ice and you need to be really careful, but you’re carrying your lunch, breast pump, tote bag, computer, two boxes to get shipped at the PO, and your coffee, it seriously sucks. It sucks even more so when you then fall, pull a muscle so badly that it leaves you in tears on the back steps for a few minutes until you finally realize that no one in the house can hear you, so you drag yourself to the door get helped inside and assess the damage.

The damage seems to be that I’ve pulled or torn the muscle on top of my thigh (what’s that called?) so badly that I can barely walk. Ibuprofen and ice have dampened the pain enough that now I can sit here, bored and hurting, being tweaked that I’ve got to miss a day of work and trying the get the boys to not touch Mommy.

This is what sucks about teaching. I could sit here and type all day long but no way can I teach. And when I only work two and a half days a week, a day out means I’m even more behind on fixing the broken violins, making copies, planning curriculum and the other million things I need to do that I can’t do from home since I don’t have my stuff. Plus my kids now miss music this week, which they already basically missed for nearly four months since the sub I had was not a musician. Needless to say, I am not a happy mama this morning. Because not only is the work issue a pain, but not being able to walk when you have three young boys is not easy. Thank goodness the Skeptic is home on my work days, but still. Not easy.

So anyway, as I sit here bored and hurting I will at least show off a few FO’s in the knitting department. I’ve got lots to update including WIP’s and some cool spinning, but then this post would be a book. So we’ll keep it to FO’s today.

First up:

This is Spinner modeling the handspun hat I gave to my friend Rebecca a few weeks go at her shower. This was some merino, dyed in fours separate rovings that I plied together. The pattern is simply a basic hat with a purl row before I did the decreases. Sadly it was not blocked since I finished it ten minutes before I had to leave, but she’s a knitter so she understood.

Next up, Little Man’s John Deere mittens. He picked the colors himself, because John Deere tractors rule and since he is a farm deprived city kid, he’s got to get his farm fix somehow. So he wears a green uniform most of the time, mittens included.
Checkered Mittens

This pattern was from Kristin Nichols’ book, Kristin Knits and is called Checks and Dots. If you’ve never tried fair isle before this pattern would be a great first project. I used good old Lamb’s Pride for this one. And yes, that is a mistake.

My Ubernatural is done, but awaits buttons, so you’ll have to wait too!

In the meantime I’ll be sitting in this rocker, knitting my newest project and hoping I’ll be on my feet again soon. If anyone has suggestions on healing up, let me know. I’ve never had an injury like this and still can’t get over how much this hurts. Yikes!



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14 responses to “Nice

  1. Ouch!! Are you going to the doctor to see if it’s torn?

    That hat is adorable.

  2. All I can offer is my sympathy. Our driveway becomes an ice rink of doom around this time of year, too.

  3. That’s a cute hat! And the mittens too!

    So sorry about the hut leg; I hope you feel better soon.

  4. I consider myself lucky when I get out the door with my keys in my hand, my three-year-old, and my pants on. I can’t imagine how (poorly) I’d fare with your going-out-the-door juggling routine.

    So sorry to hear about your injury! OUCH! I really hope you’re back up to speed soon.

  5. As a resident of Alaska, I am familiar with ice and extremely familiar with falling on it. I also tripped over a step IN my house the other day. I can only tell you that ice and ibuprofen are the best solutions and pain killers. REST. Clearly knitting is the answer for your pains. Hope you’re back up and at it soon. Music is critical, but broken violins can be fixed next week, I know this for sure. 🙂

  6. Hope it heals up quick. Sorry to hear about your injury.

  7. I cannot imagine how much that hurt! I know what you mean about teaching and injury. It’s more work to be out than it is to just suffer through the teaching day. But, omigod, does it make for a long day and then you just end up not getting better. Here’s hoping you heal up quickly.

  8. Guinifer

    Cute hat on Spinner – but really? I just want to nuzzle those little baby cheeks!

    My SIL teaches cello and piano – are you strictly a music teacher?

  9. Love the John Deere mitts, but so sorry about the fall. I took a spill last winter, dropping my camera and slamming my knee on the pavement 3 feet from the front door, not fun…
    Prayers for a quick recovery!

    Happy knitting-

  10. Sorry to hear your hurtin’ right now – how frustrating! (Add expletives at will.) Lotsa ibuprofen and rest is all I can think to recommend. Get better soon!

  11. Sorry to hear you injured yourself. I know when you are a teacher it is so much more work to catch up on when you have to stay home sick too!

    Love the hat and the mittens, but especially the hat.

  12. Oh man, that sounds so painful!!! I hope you get better soon. Slipping on the ice is so scary – I hate that feeling of not having a good grip and that my next step may just take me down. I’m SO over winter this year – bring on spring!! 🙂

  13. Yeouch! Falls (and the pain you find later) are the worst. Let us know when you are mobile again.

  14. Lak

    Searched Yahoo/Bing and ended up here – its good so I psetod the site on my Facebook account !

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