Knits are not scary.

Wow, it’s been a week. We’ve had brutal cold, and I usually don’t mind cold. But this was a bit too much for me.(What does it say about me that -40 windchill is “a bit too much?” Must be the wool). How do we keep warm around here in this cold? Roasted apples, of course:

Roasted apples

I love what they come up with. I hate having to use my flash.

Spinner’s been busy rolling over and has been working hard to roll across the living room. That’s good news.  The other good news is that he is sporting some new soakers and longies due to the fact that I’ve finally gotten over my fear of sewing with knits. I’ve had 5 yards of gorgeous wool interlock hiding under the bed. Why this fabric was so scary to me, I don’t know, but here are the results:

Interlock wool pants 1

I need to tweak the pattern I came up with. I started with a pajama pants pattern in six 6-12 months, modified the length and added the cuffs. I then added on a waistband. Unfortunately the top is still too big. Since the waistband is added on top and the original pattern requires you to fold over and use elastic, the measurements are still off, but not my much. I’ll keep playing with it.

I recycled a sweater too:
Recycled sweater soaker 3
I used the Little Comet Tails pattern for this one. What a well written, excellent pattern! I can whip one of these out in 30 minutes. I made one other out of the interlock with some trim from another merino sweater I recycled. And to think all I needed was a ball tip needle on my sewing machine. Now if I only had a serger….

So my bad news? Poor Knittykid needs another attempt at having his cavities filled , as well as a crown. I’ve been busy sorting through the world of children’s dental work/sedation/anesthesia + dental insurance, medical insurance, three-tiered systems…Crap, it’s complicated and I just want my poor guy’s teeth fixed the in best way possible for him. It’s looking like the dentist with no patience who originally tried to fill his teeth is going to cost us a about $2500 and a lot worries for Knittykid.

So I’m hoping for a relaxing weekend. I’ve also been back at work now the last two weeks…thank god I only work part time and the Skeptic is home those days. I’d really be stressed if I actually had to get the kids out of the house too. But The Grandparents will be making an appearance later this morning and will be here ’till Sunday. Time to fold laundry, knit a bit by the fireplace, bake cupcakes and enjoy some good company. Have a lovely weekend everyone!



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8 responses to “Knits are not scary.

  1. The pants are so cute!
    And I hope Knittykid will have his teeth fixed soon. I hate going to the dentist…

  2. I just love those little pants – nice job! (Those chubby little hands are pretty sweet, too…:)
    And hey, we’re having a heat-wave out there now! 20 degrees feels pretty balmy – I’m like you, I don’t really mind the cold weather either. Keeps you alert and alive and knitting lots!

  3. I passed on your pattern ideas to a friend with a new baby – right now they are buying soakers but that pattern seems really handy. And as for the weather – I now have a functioning dishwasher. (It freezes every winter)

  4. Poor Knittykid!! I had no ideas they did crowns on kids…

  5. I was all set for a recipe for roasted apples! (Hah!) My mom finally found a “painless” dentist because she has such a fear instilled in her so early in life. She doesn’t miss an appointment now.

  6. Sorry about the dental work–I hope that gets done and resolved quickly and without hassle or trauma.

    Look at your sewing! Go, you! Now I am feeling inspired. Of course, I need to figure out how to load the thread in my hand-me-down sewing machine first… 🙂

  7. Gwyneth

    My uncle is a Dentist. Do you want me to ask him for recommendations?

  8. Poor Knittykid. Dental work is no fun at all.

    Baking cupcakes sounds like a wonderful thing to do on a cold day!

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