Can’t Blog

Must… knit… faster!


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6 responses to “Can’t Blog

  1. LOL! It think it’s interesting how long the Yarn Harlot’s posts get when she’s running out of knitting time…

  2. ali

    Hehe, you can do it!
    Not celebrating Christmas does have its advantages- my only winter knitting deadline is trying to knit winter things while it’s still cold enough to wear them, lol!

    I’m sure whatever it is you’re trying to finish up will be a special gift (even if it’s for yourself!) Have fun with it, enjoy the process, and the finished product! Can’t wait to see it/them!

    Happy knitting!

  3. This is my first year that I didn’t make home made gifts. Mostly, because my three year is entirely fascinated with my knitting needles and the way yarn unravels. She really finds delight in it- which is great! But not for all of the poor people who had gifts sitting in piles of crimped yarn on the floor. Baking YES! UNKnitting, YES! Binding off… not so much.

  4. I know how you felt . . .

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