Quotes from the first day…

1. “Mama, you know what the scary thing is about kindergarten? Every day my teacher picks a helper, and you have to take the folder to the office all by yourself!”

2. “We had gym.”

3. “We don’t have gym until Monday.”

4. “We sat in a circle and did nothing the whole day.”

5. “My teacher let me walk all over the school by myself and I found all my friends rooms.”

6. “We were really safe because our teacher stayed with us the whole time, even in the gym.”

7. “A burglar came into the room but I chased him out.”

8. “We didn’t sing any songs or play any games.”

9. “We played Run For Your Supper.”

10. “Our teacher taught us this song.”

I’m guessing 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8 would be marked False. How I’m ever going to figure out what he really does there is beyond me. I”ll get the hang of decoding, I guess. Either way, kindergarten is cool, Little Man is happy and mighty relieved to have that first day done with.

First week of kindergarten: CHECK. Now we can officially have this baby!



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11 responses to “Quotes from the first day…

  1. Wow, Little Man is all grown up and in the public school system. That is so great. Good thing you are going to have a little nugget of a baby to comfort you soon!

  2. Funny how they contradict themselves so completely. I like the one about a burglar!

  3. Jess

    I’m glad he had a good week! I am so excited for Grace to start. So *ready* for her to start.

    No baby having until after Sunday, lady!

  4. Guinifer

    Go baby, go baby, GO!

  5. Is the baby here yet? Is the baby here yet now? Is the…

  6. Aww – a big milestone.

  7. I’ve noticed, not having any children myself, that a lot of what kids say is not literal and sometimes completely untrue. However, when you try to do something similar to them, such as when they ask what you do for a living and you say “I eat candy and play with toys all day” they look at you and ask if they can come. This is the part where you realize you’ve just been telling stories about your life and now you’re going to make them cry.

    Number 7 is awesome.

  8. B

    Kindergarten! Aw, Little Man is getting big! Does he go to the same school you teach at? Ok go baby go! Do you think it’s going to be a boy or a girl?

  9. It is hard to get an idea of exactly “what happened while you were gone?”

    I came up with the idea of walking Neatnik through her day. “So, you got off the bus and got into line with your class. And then what did you do?”

    “And after snack, what did you do?”

    “What happened right after lunch and recess?”

    I like doing this with her: it helps me to get a visual on her day and to remind her what she learned.

  10. That’s more than I got from my boys when they came home from the school. It was more like this, So how was school today? Fine
    What fun things did you do today? Nothing, I’m hungry what can I eat? on the other hand the girls made up for it in spades – I had a blow by blow from the moment they left me to the moment they came home.

  11. deb

    I’m with Trek – and it’s worked all the way up to Middle School. Have that baby now please!

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