Weeks that is.  We’re hoping baby gives us at least one more week so Little Man can get through his first few days of kindergarten (which starts Thursday! Yes, I’m freaking out just a bit…..)

Normally I would be thinking w still had at least a week or more, but we had a false alarm Sunday night, with contractions five minutes apart all night long…enough to get the Skeptic to set up the birth tub and warrant a 3:30am call to our midwife. But they fizzled out late in the morning. However, baby has dropped and is definitely thinking about it. My contractions have picked up again tonight, on and off, so only baby really knows! 🙂

Anyway, now’s the time to take a guess! Boy or girl? Birthday? (Due date is 9/18 but both my boys were early by a week or so).

I may or may not post again until after the birth. Probably not, unless baby is fooling me and plans to hang around a few more weeks. I’ll leave you with the last soakers I made along with the last spinning I’ve done. A little more fiber before it’s all baby, all the time for awhile!

Picky Pants and Curly Purly soaker, made with yarn from Western Sky Knits:
Spinner’s Web, Promethean:
Promethan, Spinners Web



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22 responses to “37.5

  1. Hmm… Girl! September 7. 🙂

  2. Mine was a girl and my due date was 5/18 and she was born 5/6.

    So my guess is girl and 9/6.

    Hope to see the new bundle soon!

  3. Girl! Hmm…September 4th. 🙂

  4. Jess

    Adorable soakers! I can’t believe it’s almost time – wow.

    My guess: Girl, September 10.

    If you’re still pregnant on Sunday will you grace spinning group with your presence? I have something for you 🙂

  5. hmmm… I’m gonna say girl on Sept 8th.

    hope everything goes smoothly for you guys!

  6. Boy! And I say the 11th. 🙂

    But only because I had a boy, and he cam on his due date. 🙂 (induced)

  7. girl, September 9th… What a cool birthday! 9/9!

  8. Oh, that’s easy. She’s a girl, she’ll be born on 9/10. 🙂 Congrats in advance! 😉

  9. Girl, on 9/5?

    Cute baby pants and soaker set! 🙂

  10. I have a daughter (first after 2 boys), her birthday is Sept 6th. So my guess is girl, Sept 6th.

  11. Guinifer

    Here’s wishing for a speedy, uneventful (’til the end, of course), healthy delivery!

  12. Oh, I do indeed hope this latest addition to your family is a girl! The date: September 5.
    I am so excited for you!

  13. Gretchen

    I’m guessing girl, Sept. 6th, because that’s my birthday!

    Hope baby comes soon for you! Easy labor/birth vibes!

  14. Amy

    I’m going to say girl, Sept. 5. Good luck!!!!!

  15. Meg

    Girl 9/8 is my guess. That’s my little bro’s birthday, and he born with 2 big sisters. Hope Little Man enjoys his first days in kindergarten.

  16. I can’t wait to hear how everything turns out! Thinking of you all…

    (My daughter starts preschool on Friday. Where does the time go, eh?)

  17. I love the pants and soaker set – lovely colors! And I’m guessing boy on 9/10. Best of wishes to you and yours!!

  18. Hmmm, I say boy on the 12th. Good luck!

  19. Boy on Sept 11, but I hope it’s a girl.

  20. deb

    Blessings on you for a safe delivery and healthy baby!!

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