So no critters in the grass box (yet!). So far the table has also become a desk for his research. I’m digging having this little Scientist in the family.

Speaking of Little Man….. (I kind of like the Scientist, hmmm…..he’s been growing out of his nickname lately too since he’s so darn big!) Anyway, I was putting Knittykid down for his nap yesterday when all of a sudden I hear Little Man screaming at the top of his lungs, “Hey you, stop that!!! You stop that right now! STOOOOPP ITTTT!!!!”

Now this is a kid who’s known to freak out at construction workers for making too much noise, or yell at the landscapers next door because they were cutting down the vines, so I wasn’t too worried. But I did hightail it to the window to see what the offense was.

The offender? Some poor woman spraying weed killer all over the neighbors lawn. As I looked out she was nervously placing the Do not walk on the grass or you and you loved ones will suffer from all sorts of nasty diseases sign (yeah, I’m biased. I hate that junk, especially when it’s being sprayed ten feet from my kid). Apparently I’ve over educated Little Man on the evils of all non-organic lawn care. We had to have a little talk about it, explaining that yes, weed killer is bad for people, bad for the planet, but screaming at strangers will not help solve the problem and is generally considered bad manners.

So in Little Man’s honor, here is a link to our favorite organic lawn care stuff, just in case you are now wondering a bit more about it: Gardens Alive. Which reminds me, I need to place an order!

Since Fridays are technically supposed to be for spinning around here, I’ll show off my Spinner’s Web Rosa for you today. It’s closer to a bulky weight this time, but so lovely. I didn’t realize the pictures were so blurry when I took them, but you can still see the lovely oranges and purples blended in with the pink. I finished it up last week.
Spinner's Web "Rosa"



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  1. Have you seen the great lawn signs you can buy that say something like “This lawn is safe for pets and kids and all living things”?

  2. Jeanne

    Thanks for the link. I have to do something about my lawn, and can’t stand spreading that stuff around either.

  3. Guinifer

    I freak out everytime the DH spreads that stuff – I’m so afraid he’s going to poison one of the dogs. Good for Little Man – I admire his commitment. I bet he’d have fun with my Teen – he spent last week at school in waders at the local pond for his Biology class – and he was in hog heaven. He came home with pictures of baby turtles on his cell phone.

  4. Now that is a child after my own heart!

    Good for him. I am glad that lady was nervous – she should be ashamed.

    Weed killer. Try digging.

  5. knittymama's mama

    I can just picture Little Man/the Scientist doing that 🙂 Good for him! Thanks for the link, the “fence builder” needs stuff for his fruit trees.

  6. I admit, I saw my neighbor head out with the round up bottle and specifically asked him to keep it away from my yard since I have things planted next to our fence (as well as a dog and kids that dig). He then told me that he read the label and it was safe. Of course, he was wearing gloves to keep it off his hands.

    Very pretty yarn!

  7. Pretty yarn! and I love the story about Little Man, what a great kid!

  8. That is a great story!

  9. good story! It’s a shame little kids have to experience evils of that sort. I’m so glad both of our neighbors are mulchers and organics… the swamp behind our house helps too. Always grows the mosquitos extra large… 😦

    The yarn is lovely, blurry yarn shots are pretty because then you can see how soft it is. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the link! I like Little Man’s spirit.

    Gorgeous spinning!

  11. I agree, it sounds like Little Scientist has great spirit – kudos to you for educating and inspiring your little ones! And that yarn? Beautiful….

  12. Poor Little Man…he must have been horrified!

  13. I was wondering if you have any experience with Peace Fleece knit up into soakers? I was looking at it today and wondering how it would work.

  14. Becky

    Hurray for little man!

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